Dixon Mountain Ragdoll Cats

We have Exotic Minks and Traditional Ragdolls. Minks are descendants of the original Ragdoll line develped by Anne Baker, their fur is soft as a mink stole. Traditional Ragdolls all have blue eyes while minks eyes range from aqua to green-gold, and even blue. Traditional Ragdolls are born white and their color slowly emerges as they grow while minks are born with color already showing. Their temperment is friendly, calm and playful.

Feel free to call for more info about any of our Ragdolls and what kittens we have due. We keep our website up to date with pics of our current Ragdoll Kittens and news of upcoming litters.

About Us

Welcome,  we strive to bring to you the happiest healthiest Ragdoll companions. We carry Traditionals and Exotic Minks. All kittens and parents are TICA registered. Our cats are members of the family. Each of our kittens is played with and loved from the day it is born in preparation for placement with a loving family or individual.

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Love Comes First

Dedicated to the sale of adorable TICA pedigreed kittens
We are a small cattery in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains in East Tennessee. All of our kittens and parents are TICA registered, you can be assured about the pedigree and quality of your pet. We only have kittens a couple times a year, all our kittens are raised underfoot and loved from the day they are born giving them the friendliest personalities.

We have a closed cattery po

Dixon Mountain Ragdoll Cats cattery is situated on a 45 acre farm in the heart of the Smoky Mountains. Our Ragdolls are members of our family, spoiled and loved from the day they are born. They are used to being around dogs, people and other household activity. We do have a closed cattery policy to insure against bringing in random infections. Also our cattery is our private residence and not a place of business. We are happy to send you pictures, videos or skype so you can see your prospective kitten before bringing it home.

Our Ragdoll cats are very special, they rule the house with floofy contentment. We only have a few litters a year so we can give them all the attention a kitten deserves before it's forever family takes one home.

We have always had cats and kittens, but when the opportunity to raise Ragdolls came we were ecstatic. Ragdolls are so different from other cat breeds and very human oriented.  If you haven't been around ragdolls yet you are in for a treat.

A special thanks to Shane at Smoky Mtn Ragdolls for all of his patience and help along the way.

Po box 5003 Sevierville TN 37864 us



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